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4 Ways to Update Your House to Get the Largest Return on Investment

Home Exterior
If you plan to put your home on the market in the near future, you may need to update it to ensure you get the most money that you possibly can. There are small things that you can do to the home to make it look more appealing and therefore easier to sell. The following guide lists a few of these small updates that have a high return on investment.

1. Paint the Interior of the House White

When someone walks into a home, the first thing they notice is the color of the walls. Some people are not able to visualize the walls being any other color than what they see on the wall. If your walls have a bright color of paint on them, then it could limit your pool of prospective buyers.
Have professional painters paint the walls in the house a white or off-white color. This makes any room look larger and provides potential buyers with a blank canvas to work with as they imagine how the home would look with their belongings in it. If you have dark colors on your wall, then the painters may need to apply primer before painting, so you don't see the darker color.

2. Pressure Wash the Exterior of the House

One of the first things people see when they come to your home is the exterior. Having the home pressure washed can make everything look shiny and new. Vinyl siding looks brighter, and the color of your shutters will be more brilliant after being pressure washed. Be sure to have the gutters cleaned out by the pressure washer at the same time, so they are in good condition as well.
When hiring a pressure washing company to pressure wash your home, be sure to specify if you want the sidewalk and steps leading into the house done, as well. Power washing the sidewalk can make it look brand new.
If you have well water, then let the company know so they can send a water truck with them so that they do not have to connect to your water to do the power washing.

3. Properly Clean the Windows

Some potential buyers look for very intricate details to use as an indication of how well the homeowners maintained the house over the years. If the windows on the home seem dingy and there is a lot of dirt caked onto the exterior of the windows, then the potential buyers may assume the house needs more maintenance than it may have gotten over the years.
Professional cleaners can remove all dirt and debris from the interior and exterior of your windows so that they sparkle and shine. Specify that you want the screens removed and cleaned at the same time so that people can easily see out of the windows when they come to tour the house.

4. Have Damaged Molding Replaced

Over time, areas around the doorways and the floorboards in a home can become nicked and damaged. Seeing the damage can make the home see poorly maintained. Professional carpenters can easily remove the damaged molding and replace it with new pieces that are not damaged. This project requires a lot of measuring to get proper cuts, making it best to leave for professionals.
Before you put your home on the market, contact Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing. Our experienced team of technicians can take care of every aspect of the updating process. We have painters, carpenters, and even power washers readily available to get your home into pristine condition. With our help, your home can give off a great first impression and sell quickly. 


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