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5 On-Trend Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

Living Room With Green Walls
A fresh coat of paint can cover years of surface damage and make a space feel brand new, but only if you select the right colors. Paint trends come and go, which means the muted grays and beiges that were popular a few years back might make your home look a little dated. Here are five on-trend interior paint colors you should consider for your house, and why you won't regret adding a splash of color here and there. 

1. Green

The color green signifies vitality and freshness, which is why it works great everywhere from bedrooms to offices. From jewel-toned emerald greens to ripe olive hues, green works well with white trim and a long list of furniture and d├ęcor options.
2018 has seen a resurgence of cooler green hues, including creamy artichoke and springy shamrock green colors. However, when you choose a green shade for your walls, consider whether your furniture and flooring are a warm or a cool hue. By choosing a color that melds with your existing decorating palette, that green accent wall will blend right in - while simultaneously standing out.

2. Blush

Feminine but modernly neutral, blush is a great color for bathrooms, bedrooms, and even Spanish-style home exteriors. Because blush lends warmth to a space with peach undertones, blush is less frilly than traditional cool shades of pink while still maintaining a welcoming vibe.
Blush also looks great next to a wide range of metal hardware colors including gold and makes green houseplants look more vibrant. If you are considering blush paint for your home, think carefully about the type of space you are considering painting. While blush looks great in personal areas like master bathrooms and walk-in closets, this color might seem kitschy in main living areas or kitchens.

3. Black

Although many people assume black would make a space feel dark and closed off, people today are using black everywhere from banisters and railings to offices, living rooms, and even window casings. Because of its dark, neutral appearance, black creates a soothing contrast that offsets other colors, which can make your home feel crisp and clean.
For instance, many homeowners are requesting black windows instead of traditionally white standbys because it creates an interesting, old-world appearance when paired with lighter interior and exterior colors. Black also minimizes the appearance of cords, black television screens, and strange wall contours, helping people to control the interior aesthetic of their homes.  

4. Stone White

Although white walls have been the norm for years, painters today are having more homeowners request stone white, which is a more neutral, earthy hue of white. Instead of being bright white, stone white has gray and beige undertones, helping spaces to feel open and mellow.
Stone white also tends to appear cleaner than stark white because stone white disguises things like handprints and small smudges. Additionally, because it isn't bright white, stone white pairs well with white trim work and looks polished when paired with newer dark trim.    

5. Marigold

You love your home, so why not bring the sunshine inside? Marigold accents make your home feel more bright and cheery, without looking juvenile. As a darker, more sophisticated shade of yellow, marigold looks excellent in kitchens, bathrooms, and even main living areas, especially when painted in geometric patterns or stripes.
In addition to adding marigold to your walls, consider painting a few furniture pieces in your home a lovely marigold shade. Coffee tables, accent chairs, and even lamp bases can help to tie in your love of the color while retaining a refined feel.  
Whether you want to add a touch of freshness to your kitchen space or you need the entire exterior of your home repainted, our team can help. Here at Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing, we are committed to excellence in painting and cleanliness, and we work hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. For a complimentary consultation, give us a call today.


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