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Preparing Your Home to Rent: Interior Painting Tips

Painter Looking At Color Palette
When you rent your home, your primary goal is to make your property as appealing to renters as possible. This means taking care to make the interior of your home as pleasing to the widest possible renter base.
A fresh coat of interior paint makes your rental more appealing and look newer. Before you start picking color swatches to paint your rental, decide what colors are best, what trends to follow — and those to avoid — and what finish works best for multiple renters. The end result will be a pleasing and attractive home that is easier to rent out and maintain.

Rental Colors

Neutrals are beneficial in a rental home because these colors don't become dated when trends in home design change. Your painter will help you select varieties of off-white, tan, or subtle grays to make the main areas of your home — like the living and dining room — attractive and crisp in appearance.
You don't have to stick to neutrals throughout the home, but stick to non-surprising tones that are appropriate for the rooms being painted. For example, sage or mint green are pleasing in a kitchen, while pastels or dusty colors are ideal for bathroom areas. Paint bedrooms a solid hue that is calming and relaxing, such as soft blue or a light lavender.

Rental Trends — Do or Don't

While you should consider some trends in interior painting for a rental, others you should limit to designing your private residence.
Rental Painting Dos
Select an accent wall in a darker neutral for your larger rooms, such as a living area or family room. An accent wall creates dimension and brings warmth to rooms with ample square footage.
Opt to paint the ceilings when painting your rental home's walls. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling gives your rental an updated appeal; use the same main color for your ceilings as your walls for a uniform appeal. Or, paint your rental's ceilings black; the color draws decorative schemes together without creating a distraction.
Use home accents to determine the color scheme for your rental's walls. For example, if your rental features a wooden banister or ornate doors, select warm browns or other earth tones for the walls to bring out these positive features.
Rental Don'ts
Don't paint your home based on your own personality. Just because you love eggplant or turquoise doesn't mean your renters will. You can, however, choose your favorite colors in more muted tones, such as pastels or dusty varieties.
Don't choose plain white: the color is hard to keep clean and can be harsh and lacking personality. An exception for plain white is for crown molding, trim, or interior doors as an accent color.
Don't use home design trends to guide you in your interior painting plan. Hand-painted murals, foil wallpaper, and other trends will go, and not all of your renters will appreciate your trendsetting design.
You can still follow paint trends in your rental's interior, just do so subtly; add a splash of rich color to a closet's interior or place decorative wallpaper along a pantry wall.

Rental Paint Finishes

The best paint finish for your rental's interior is satin, semi-gloss, or glossy. The higher the sheen, the easier paint is to clean. Consider lighter-sheen satin for main areas of the home, but higher gloss finishes for rooms that are bound to get messy, such as kids' rooms or the kitchen areas. Your painter shows you how different paint finishes look on varying paint shades.
Your rental home is given an upgraded appeal with the right interior painting design. Contact our painters at Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing to transform your rental property today.


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