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Staining hardwood patio deck

What is Color Smart?

Color smart is a way for the customer to pick the right color for the right project, before any paint touches the house.

What are the advantages of pressure washing?

Pressure washing saves money by helping to keep surfaces maintained. Pressure washing greatly improves the look and value of the property at a cost effective rate.

Will all the cracks, holes, etc., be filled with caulking?

We take great care in all of our prep work. Prep work is the key to a long life paint job. We use the best in caulking and putty to fill any holes. For larger holes, we may use a bondo if needed.

Will pressure washing cause damage to my roof, siding or deck?

Here at Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing, we think high pressure is a big “no-no” on decks and roofs. Very little PSI will touch our customer's decks or roofs.

Is there any type of cleaning and painting you don't do?

Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing can manage all your exterior and interior painting and cleaning needs.

Does Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing do any wood repairs?

Yes, we do all kinds of wood repairs, exterior and interior. Just give us a call to get a free estimate on any wood repairs.

What types of cleaning and painting products do you use?

We have a wide array of environment-friendly products to fit the jobs we handle. We use only the best paints and stains from top name companies.

What makes Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing different?

Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing has worked to improve the training and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of all our work. We take great pride in every job we handle small or big.

Is Randy Wardlaw Painting & Pressure Washing insured?

Yes, if you would like a copy of our insurance please send a request.